The Holocaust was not limited to the physical annihilation of the Jewish people- millions of people, young and old, men and women, simple folk and educated elites, those deeply rooted in Jewish traditions and those who assimilated. Their entire heritage, culture, customs, traditions, religion and community were destroyed with them. Their memories were also murdered. The victims were stripped even of their names. Most of them have no one to mourn their passing since all their loved ones were murdered as well.

The “Memory of Treblinka” Foundation is one of many places that restore memory of those murdered in the Holocaust. We focus particularly on those who died in Treblinka or on their way there.

We create the “Book of Names” of Treblinka victims – searching through  databases, the reports, documents, memoirs, pre- and post-war sources; interviewing the last living witnesses of the Holocaust, the families of the victims.

We aim to gather as much information as possible- names and surnames, ages, addresses, occupations. Where possible, we track familial connections, to commemorate entire families. If we learn their life histories or details relating to their deaths, we record them, make the information available to all, as well as reading it out during the monthly meetings in Treblinka. We wish to recall our murdered brothers- recall the rich tapestries of their lives, dreams, plans, loves, worries, joys and troubles. We wish to bring back their memory and keep it alive.

Grants from the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute and the Capital City of Warsaw are an important help in establishing the database.

Description of the database

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