1. The „ Memory of Treblinka” Foundation’s (henceforth: Foundation) database (henceforth: “Database”) is protected under the Act on Database Protection of 27 July 2001 (Ustawa z dnia 27 lipca 2001 r. o ochronie baz danych, U. 2001 Nr 128 poz. 1402, z późn. zm) (henceforth: Act).
  2. Access to the Database is open and free of charge.
  3. For every person listed in the Database data source (or sources) are provided.
  4. Some of the institutions which shared their data with the Foundation do not consent for the data’s further replication or transfer. Sharing of this data for purposes other than those listed in the Act is allowed only under the conditions set by the following institutions:
      1. Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research (marked YVP or AYV in the Database)
      2. ITS Digital Archive, Arolsen Archives (Arolsen Archives)
      3. Terezin Memorial (PTM)
      4. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)
      5. Ghetto Fighters’ House Archives (GFHA)
      6. Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies (FVA).
  1. Data from other sources can be used in compliance with the Act. When using the Foundation’s data, please be kind enough to:
      1. inform the Foundation of a planned publication, its type and place;
      2. share with the Foundation a copy of all planned publications (books, brochures, press releases, articles, DVD, etc.);
      3. if the publication is taking place online, inform the Foundation of the place of publication (blog, website, online exhibition, etc.).
  2. The Foundation reserves the right to revoke its consent for use of the data in Database if the data are shown in a wrong context, especially in the case of any violation of dignity of the people listed in the Database or of placing data form the Database in the vicinity of content denying historical facts.
  3. The Foundation encourages everyone to use its Database for purposes of remembrance of the innocent victims of Treblinka.