General premises of the ‘Fugitives’ database

The Memory of Treblinka Foundation collects information concerning the fugitives of Treblinka Extermination Camp (Treblinka II). The data obtained is inserted into the database, the contents of which, expanded over time, are made available on the Foundation’s website.

The database contains data of people who escaped during the transport to Treblinka (jumping from the train) or from the camp itself, from its inception to the uprising on August 2, 1943.

Data in the database

The following data are collected: name (occasionally names or nickname); surname(s); maiden name; date and place of birth; age; mother’s and father’s names and mother’s maiden name; profession, address (addresses) before the war and during the war (including street name); place and date of transport; information about the escape itself and the fate of the person; did they survive the escape; place and date of death; photograph.

For every person we provide sources according to the source list (source abbreviation, testimony number, publication title).

List of Sources for obtaining data to be published on the Foundation’s website (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Testimonies deposited in archives: JHI, Yad Vashem, Memory of Treblinka Foundation
  • Other databases available online: warszawa.getto pl, the archive of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) (, Ghetto Fighters’ House Archives (
  • Materials available at archives: e.g. rulings of local and regional courts on declaring death in absentia,
  • Yizkor Books
  • Published testimonies: diaries, memoirs
  • Other testimonies available online
  • Oral testimonies, recorded or transcribed – oral history (USC Shoah Foundation, USHMM, and others)
  • Oral testimonies given in the presence of members of the Memory of Treblinka Foundation (or other people)