1. What type of devices are suitable for the path?

Audio guide can be used on any smartphone (iOS or Android). It is prepared for iOS 11 and Android 6.0 or newer operating systems.

2. What should I prepare before going to Treblinka?

The Treblinka Museum has wi-fi, but it’s better to load the path earlier. It’s good to have headphones and a charged battery in your phone.

3. How should the pathpath be downloaded?

In the AppStore (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), find the path by searching, for example, the word “Treblinka” and load like any other application.

4. How should I switch on geolocation?

It is different for each type of phone. It’s easy to check in the search engine. For example, in iPhones this is one of the privacy setting options. Geolocation is necessary for the path to work properly.

5. When does the story related to a point on the path start?

Each point has the “size” of a circle with a diameter of about 20 m. When the user enters the area of ​​this circle, the application automatically launches the story associated with that point, interrupting the story currently being played. When you want to calmly listen to a story related to a given point, do not approach the next point too soon. Such launching occurs for each point only once during the tour.

6. Why did the track point not turn off by itself?

If geolocation is enabled, the visitor is close to the point and this point has not been visited yet, it should turn on by itself. Sometimes due to the small area of ​​points, weak GPS signal, poor Internet range, some points turn on “reluctantly”.

7. Why, when the second time I want to go the path, then the points do not want to start?

The application remembers that the point has already been “visited” once. This memory can be erased by closing the application (you do not need to uninstall it). You can always turn on the story for each point manually.

8. Do I need Internet access?

Access to the network is necessary to download the path itself, but it is no longer needed during the tour.

9. Do I need a paper map during the walk?

A paper map is not obligatory. The Jewish Historical Institute together with The “Memory of Treblinka” Foundation designed a map with all the points comprising short historical commentaries and some witnesses’ testimonies. The map was meant mainly for visitors who are not smartphone users.