Many, many roads lead to the ashes of nearly a million Jews buried in Treblinka.

Every last Saturday of the month we meet in Treblinka at 10.00 am, so that together with rev. Wojciech Lemański to remember the people who were murdered here. We say the psalms, read the poem-appeal by Halina  Birenbaum “Go to Treblinka”, we read the Names of the victims of Treblinka ( We are here for one hour only once a month. If someone likes this form of meeting with Treblinka, they can join us. We invite you to be present together, to read found Names, to reflect, to pray. Every last Saturday of the month at 10:00.

How to get to Treblinka?

Museum of the Extermination Camp at Treblinka is located in Kosów Lacki, 3 km from the village of Treblinka. It is best to go by car, or train to Małkinia and then by taxi.