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Wajntraub Gafni
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Gitel Zinger
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Międzyrzec Podlaski, Kościelna 3
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Międzyrzec Podlaski
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"My father and I were on our way to Treblinka. We were together in the wagon after three days of sitting in the synagogue. My father and my cousin were there. My father was almost dead, he had no strength to do anything. My cousin was twenty-two years old, but he did not want to live anymore. And my father said to me: 'You must jump here'. Because there was a window there, there are small but high windows in the wagons. It was closed with wire, people grabbed the wire and people started jumping. My father says: 'You have to jump. I can't anymore and I don't have the strength'. My cousin was also determined [to stay], he couldn't live anymore. So people lifted me up so I jumped out. That was the last time I saw my father." Abraham's mother and his younger sister lived in the ghetto for some time and were transported to Treblinka during the fifth action. Until the final liquidation of the ghetto, Abraham Gafni hid in various places, he lived in the ghetto, in the forest, and for a few days in a tomb at the Catholic cemetery. After the Jews were displaced from Międzyrzec, he hid in the forest for almost half a year, and in December 1943 he found shelter with a gamekeeper in nearby Sitno. After the entry of the Red Army, he came out of hiding and returned to Międzyrzec Podlaski for a few months. In 1946 he left for Palestine.
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Source;; AYV O.75 no 1838, Letters sent from Germany and Poland to Avraham Wajntraub

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