Celebration of the 79th anniversary of the rebellion in Treblinka

On August 2, 1943, Jewish prisoners of the German Nazi extermination camp Treblinka II revolted. They attacked the SS men, set the camp on fire and got out. Jewish Historical Institute  invites you to the 79th anniversary of this event, commemorating the victims of the German operation “Reinhardt” – the extermination of Polish Jews.

The celebrations organized by the Jewish Historical Institute will start on August 2 at 12:00 at the Treblinka Museum. German Nazi extermination camp and labor camp (1941-1944).

Representatives of the government, local government, members of the diplomatic corps and clergy will deliver speeches, lead prayers and lay wreaths at the Monument to the Victims of the Death Camp.

Celebration program:

9:15 – departure by buses from Warsaw, from Plac Bankowy (for those interested)

12:00 – main celebrations at the monument in the central memorial site of the Treblinka Museum. German Nazi death and labor camp (1941-1944)

13:00 – end of official celebrations, tour of the Treblinka II extermination camp with guides

14:00 – end of the tour

around 5:00 p.m. – return to Warsaw

The Jewish Historical Institute organizes a free bus trip to the ceremony in Treblinka. Registration at rsvp@jhi.pl